Write Effective Workplace Procedures

Transform a chaotic workplace into order with easy-to-follow work instructions. Clarity out of Complexity by Rosemary O’Donoghue shows you how to create concise Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that people will actually use.  It guides you through providing useful information, writing in straightforward language, and presenting in a structured layout that is easy to read. You are provided with a starting template that guides you to include the information needed. With procedures like these you can streamline your business processes, consistently train your people, and always provide top quality product and services.

Ebook available on Amazon.com.au, Smashwords and iBook or email rosemary.odonoghue@gmail.com for a printed copy AU$25 + postage. Print-on-demand now available in the U.S. on Amazon.com.

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  • Free SOP Template

    Looking for a simple template for work instructions and SOPs? Download your free SOP template here TW Procedure Template . Learn how to use it from my book Clarity out of Complexity: Writing Effective Business Procedures by Rosemary O’Donoghue, available on Amazon, or book a 2 day training course at your site. Need help? Call me (+61) […]

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